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        ABOUT US

        Address:Technology Introductry Park,Zhouzhuang Jiangyin,Jiangsu,China(214423)
        Tel :+86-510-86222807
        Fax :+86-510-86222085
        Mobile :+86-13812177859
        General Manager:Andy Zhang

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        Founded in 1998,Jiangyin Vigor Plastics Industry Co.,Ltd.is a professional sythetic leather manufacturer.Located in Yangtse River Delta,our company is near the Yangtse River,Shanghai and Nanjing cities with convenient air and sea transportation. Now we have two calendaring lines, two Casting lines and one wet PU line.


        Our products includes leather for Automotive, Furniture, Marine, Outdoor, shoes etc. By 2015 we have sold our products to over 30 different countries.

        Our lab has the most required test instruments and we can do most ASTM tests, it plays an very important role in our IQC and QC.


        Our company is followwing the TS16949 quality control system, we care about the customer requests and satisfaction, based on that

        we receive a high reputation from customers.